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Special Education

Special Education Teachers

Last First Email
Beaham Dawn
Campbell Alle
DiBacarri Olivia
Houchens Beth
Kenney Mary
Kramer Chris
Leake Camille
Lyle Kristy
Martinez Melinda
McDowell Julie
Naliwajka Andrea
Schmidt Casi
Ward Winn
Wilson Haley


Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Vision

Blackwell Suzi (D/HH)
Smith Deborah(Vision)
Potter Christina(Social Worker)
Underwood Darian  (OT)


School Psychologist & Special Education Facilitator

Last First Email
Maxwell Julie




Last First Email
Kramer Chris
Leake Camille

Special Education Parapros

Last First Email
Bresnan Mike
Cribbs Christy
Galasso Nick
Lisle Shawn
Resnick Danielle