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Last Name First Name Position  Email Address
Aprile Cindy 1st Grade
Baker Julie EIP
Barrie Katie Instructional Lead Strategist
Beaham Dawn Special Ed.
Becker Leslie Kinder Para
Beckman Leah 2nd Grade
Bennett Susan Parapro
Berenger Felicia EIP
Berrong Veronica 5th Grade
Blackwell Suzi Deaf / Hard of Hearing
Braid Kristen Social Worker
Breitbarth Elizabeth 5th Grade
Brendel Amanda 3rd Grade
Broom AJ Cafeteria Mgr.
Burnette Alice Parapro
Cahill Natalie Kinder Para
Campagna Nick Lunchroom Monitor  
Campbell Alle Special Ed.
Carr Kim EL
Cavanaugh Tracy School Nurse
Cervone Jana Media Specialist
Chaffer Emily 4th Grade
Chung Jiae Kinder Para
Cleveland Holly Parapro
Cockrell Stephanie PE
Cofer Jordan 1st Grade
Collins Amanda DHH
Cribbs Christy SPED Para
Cudabac Jennifer 2nd Grade
DiBiccari Olivia SLP
Edmondson Sarah 5th Grade
Eason Judy Kindergarten
Eder Kathleen Lunchroom Monitor  
Eagens Kaitlyn 3rd Grade
Estrada Jenine Bookkeeper
Flint Kendle 3rd Grade
Franklin Pam 1st Grade
Garcia Kelly 4th Grade
Gebhart Suzy AIM
Gerick Heather 2nd Grade
Hall Gretchen Kinder Para
Haymore Merissa Secretary
Hill Kimm 1st Grade
Hipps Kendra Kindergarten
Houchens Beth Special Ed.
Holstein Kim Counselor (3-5)
Huffman Jenny PT
Hughes Diane 4th Grade
Ishmael Mike Technology Specialist
Jacks Darlene 2nd Grade
Kenney Mary Special Ed.
Kilgore Missy Kinder Para
Koschewa Ed PE
Kosten Jodi Kindergarten
Kramer Chris Special Ed. - Speech
Kreiger Leslie Kindergarten
Lacey Emily 5th Grade
Leak Hope Front Office
Leake Camille Special Ed. - Speech
Lents Lexi 2nd Grade
Lisle Shawn SPED Para
Lopez Krystle Counselor (K-2)
Lorenzo Kindole 3rd Grade
Lyle Kristy Special Ed.
Martin Wendy Lunchroom Monitor  
Martinez Melinda Special Ed.
Maxwell Julie School Psychologist
Mattson Marsha EIP
Mayes Molly Art
McAliley Shaun Kindergarten
McGaughey Susan 1st Grade
McDowell Julie Special Ed.
Melvin Jenn Music
Mendenhall Jennifer Technology Lab
Metcalf Stephanie Student Registrar
Miller Bettina 5th Grade
Miller Jeannine EIP
Monnin Kelly Kinder Para
Murnan Debbie 5th Grade
Naliwakja Andrea Special Ed.
Ortiz Kaitlyn 3rd Grade
Pelton Madison 3rd Grade
Pena Rosa Cafeteria
Potter Christina Social Worker
Proctor Katie Vision
Ragsdale Connie Cafeteria
Resnick Danielle SPED Para
Rich Jen SPED Para
Riddle Melissa 3rd grade
Roach Janet PE
Roth Brianna Physical Therapy
Ryder Rhonda 4th Grade
Scherholz Courtney 1st Grade
Schmidt Casi Special Ed.


LeAnn EL / EIP
Shaw Courtney Assistant Principal
Smith Debrah Vision
Scharf Amber AIM
Teter Nikkie 1st Grade
Thierry Brandy Kindergarten
Tortorello Maria Cafeteria
Underwood Darian Occupational Therapist
Vaughn Madison 2nd Grade
Videkovich Tammy 4th Grade
Wagner Laura 2nd Grade
Wallace Mackenzie 4th Grade
Wallace Sarah SPED Para
Ward Winn Special Ed.
Wells Brooke Kindergarten
West Sandra 3rd Grade
Wilson Haley Special Ed.
Wilson Linda Cafeteria
Wright Liam Kinder Para
Young Autumn 4th Grade